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For Immerse Creator Update #2, we fired up our headsets and recorded a video from inside VR.  I introduce the tech team developing Immerse, we talk through an overview of features in development, and where we plan to go next.  You can get a pretty good sense of where we’re at in the first few minutes, but I included our full meeting for anyone curious to learn more about our process and how we plan to approach the next phases of development.

I apologize for the bobble head recording!  Beware, it can be nausea inducing if you watch it at full screen.  I recommend watching it in a smaller window if you’re sensitive to camera movement.  For our next update, we’ll record from a steady camera position.  We’ll also be turning down the volume of the teleport, and introducing a bunch of updates that we discuss throughout this video.

Stay tuned!

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Collaborative, multi-user 3D sketching with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and Touch
architectural modeling in VR
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