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Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce our first major update since launching into early access. Some of the most notable improvements are: drag management settings (snapping), downloadable asset packs, scaling changes, and a greatly reduced startup time. A more complete list of changes can be found below.

Happy creating!
Immerse Creator Team


  • Assets are selectable and deletable
  • Downloadable asset packs (all packs are free for now)
  • New assets available as packs.
  • MixCast support (press alphanum 1 to start and 2 to stop)
  • Drag management in Settings menu (allows grid snapping!)


  • Removed many assets from the Asset tool. The removed assets are still available to be used by previous save files.  


  • Moved duplicate/delete buttons to selection panel
  • Minor UI changes
  • Gizmo scale operations affect only the side grabbed


  • Loads wayyy faster on startup
  • Drawing Lines after scaling a Container no longer has an offset
  • Backend multiplayer fixes
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