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Immerse Collaborative

Immerse Collaborative enables multi-player access to your virtual reality and PC standalone Unity project in less than 5 minutes, with no programming, and only a basic understanding of Unity required.


Lasers Pointers!

Everyone gets their very own laser pointer in Immerse Collaborative system.  You control the laser with your gaze direction, and you get to pick your laser’s color.  Pew! Pew!

Icon Avatars

No more fussing with avatar selection and customization.  We apply whatever thumbnail you’re already using on social media sites to our avatar-icons, which are designed to simply represent your space in the virtual environment.   This makes orientation for first-time users quick and easy.

Powered by Immerse Framework

All of the goodies found in Immerse Framework can be used with Immerse Collaborative.  Load your scene with lots of interactive features that will be available to anyone who visits.

3D Voice Integration

Use your headphones to talk with others in the same virtual environment.  Meet and collaborate with people long-distance, standing together face-to-face in virtual reality.
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