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In Immerse Creator (now available on Steam), you have the option to add your name to your avatar, and use a thumbnail pic for your head.  Future updates to Immerse will simplify the setup process, but hopefully you’ll find these steps are fairly straightforward in the meantime.

Using a thumbnail pic to represent your face in VR, which moves up and down, left and right along with your head movement, is surprisingly life-like and immersive.

In Steam, right click on the Immerse Creator application, then click Properties.

Within Properties, click the ‘Local Files’ tab, then ‘Browse Local Files.’

Open the ‘UserProfile’ folder.

Open the ‘credentials.txt’ file and add your name to the very top line.  Just first name is fine, or you can also enter first and last name with a space between.

Add whatever image you would like displayed for your face to this folder.

That’s it!  Other users should now see your name and thumbnail pic.  Note that the thumbnail pic will only appear when you’ve chosen this avatar.  In your Multi-Player menu, there are other alternate avatar designs that do not include the use of a thumbnail pic.

As always, if you have any questions, notice any bugs, or have suggestions for how we can improve Immerse Creator, visit the website and click “Submit a Request” in the upper right corner.

Happy Creating!  We’ll see you in VR!

Jon and the Immerse Team

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