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News and Updates From Immerse!

Immerse Creator Early Access Update #2

Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce our first major update since launching into early access. Some of the most notable improvements are: drag management settings (snapping), downloadable asset packs, scaling changes, and a greatly reduced startup time. A more...

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Free Non-VR Immerse Creator Viewer

Below is a link to the free non-VR 'viewer' application for Immerse Creator. You won't be able to modify or edit the environment, but this application enables you to enter any multi-player rooms you have a passcode for, including the public sandbox, which is currently...

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Immerse Creator Sketch Concept

This is a 20 minute sketch with Immerse Creator.  It's pretty awesome to sketch an idea at miniature size, then scale it up to walk around inside of it.  Then, being able to move walls around at full size is a great way to tweak a design while standing within the...

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Update #1: Introducing Immerse Creator

Introducing Immerse Creator, a collaborative VR environment where you can create 3D models, architectural spaces, free-form sketches, leave notes, and access a library of high quality assets.     Immerse Creator is still a work in progress, but here's a sneak peak of...

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