Faster, smarter Unity VR development.

Our platform for Unity VR is breaking down the barriers.

“I liked it so much that I’m ordering another license for it at our office so I can do rapid prototyping for the VIVE and Oculus platforms without bogging down my (very) small developer team with menial tasks.”

Immerse Customer

Professional VR development platform.


Less Complicated

Immerse simplifies development, allowing new developers to quickly prototype their ideas.  It handles all of the most common challenges of Unity development, so you can stay focused on your content, rather than getting bogged down with technical issues.


More Powerful

The toolset of building blocks Immerse provides you with is a strong foundation upon which to build your ideas.  More importantly, Immerse is designed in a way that can scale and evolve in lock-step with your project.  Prototyping can naturally extend into technical development, without having to rewrite code or start from scratch.


Save Time and Money

Immerse literally save thousands of dollars within the first day of using it over building the same functionality from scratch.  Assuming you can find a professional, experienced, and qualified programmer who is available for $50 / hour, their first few hours of work just getting familiar with your project and building basic functionality easily covers the cost of Immerse.  If you are a programmer, or decide to hire one, Immerse will make them faster and more efficient, enabling them to stay focused on building your content.

Customer Testimonials

“Immerse offers a workflow to interactive VR that is game changer for developing any type of VR application with Unity.  We’ve been able to make use of it to create high end, immersive visualizations, where Immerse allows us to move extremely swiftly from our common software packages to VR while embedding interactivity that would not be possible without a deep knowledge of programming.”

“Immerse allows us to create compelling and interactive VR experiences that would otherwise be so time consuming to create that they would not be feasible.”

“Immerse is so exciting when looking at the future of visualization in the architectural, engineering and construction industry because it is a solution that is well suited to not only serve the current VR needs but is setup on the Unity Engine to allow us to move into the future with emerging visualization platforms.”

– Taylor Cupp, Assoc AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Project Solutions Technologist at Mortenson Construction

Immerse is a must-have toolset for building anything with Unity, making VR and AR development so much faster and more powerful.  We’ve used it to create GearVR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift applications, and have even started using it with Vuforia and Google Tango to create augmented reality environments.  I would highly recommend Immerse to anyone who uses Unity.

-Neil Evans, Founder of e3di

“Since I started using Immerse I have a very hard time seeing future projects without it. It is an extraordinary tool not only for quick prototyping, but also throughout the entire development process. We just finished a GearVR game which relies heavily on the Immerse Framework, and it has truly been invaluable, both in terms of time and money. I find myself being able to focus on the meaningful aspects of the project, rather than having to pull my hair out programming trivial functionality.  The support team was amazing, and each new feature release of Immerse introduced invaluable new features that enable us to keep up with the rapidly evolving state of VR development.

I truly recommend Immerse for anyone developing VR applications, it is a great tool making life a lot easier.”

– Alexander Hamilton, Project Manager at Vobling


Yearly License


$1,120 per developer, per year


We built immerse to make our VR development faster, and more efficient.


It can do the same for you.

We designed Immerse from the ground up to solve the most common challenges of Unity development for our services company, Arch Virtual.  Immerse consistently saves us thousands of dollars and countless hours on every single project we develop.  It also frees our development team up to stay focused on building core content rather than reinventing the wheel, or getting bogged down in technical issues.

By making Immerse available to other Unity developers, our hope is to build on this foundation over the months and years ahead to not only address specific pain points and feature requests of our developer community, but to yield innovation – discovering new opportunities for leveraging virtual environments to solve real world problems and facilitate exciting new opportunities we have yet to imagine. 

We have an ambitious roadmap ahead, and countless exciting possibilities.  We hope you’ll join us!

Jon Brouchoud 
Lead Architect of Immerse



Immerse is currently compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1/DK2, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and PC Stand-alone.